A Parish Council

What is Bewholme Parish Council?

Bewholme Parish Council is a very small local authority.We have 7 Councillors one of whom is chosen annually as the Chairman.There is also a Vice-Chairman.The Parish Council Clerk is the only person who holds a renumerated position as the proper officer and Responsible Finance Officer.

The Parish Councillors are elected (or appointed when insufficient candidates come forward for an election to be held) and normally hold office for a period of four years at a time.The Current Councillors were elected in April 2017. Any vacancy arising during between now and April 2021 would normally be filled by co-option or a by-election if requested.

The Parish Council can be consulted on a verity of matters such as planning and County Council (ERYC) Strategic Planning, the parish councillors know the Parish and can represent its views to the local Authorities.The Parish Council is often consulted on Planning matters but you must make your own representation to East Riding of Yorkshire Council if you feel a planning matter affects you.(look for the Planning notice near the proposed application for reference) other matters also arise for consultation with the Parish Council from time to time.The Parish Council is also responsible for some other areas of general upkeep and appearance in the Parish.

What Is the Cost of Bewholme Parish Council to you?