Minutes of Meeting on 13th June 2023

Bewholme Parish Council Minutes of the Meeting held on the 13th June 2023 in

St John the Baptist Church, Bewholme.

Present: Cllr Graham Staples, Cllr Mike Butler, Jim Froud (clerk), Cllr Ed Nielson,

Cllr Lisa Bettison, Cllr BrendaAylott, Cllr Phil Elliott, 9 members of the public.

Apologies: Ward Cllr Barbara Jefferson, Ward Cllr John Whittle.

Declaration of Interest: Cllr Phil Elliott.

Minutes of the Previous Meeting: Minutes from the April meeting were agreed.

Matters Arising: Cllr Mike Butler asked about progress with Bridge No1, Jim Froud sent the photographs of the Bridge to Patrick Wharam, Countryside Access Manager (ERYC) No Update has been received. Jim had also emailed again last week, reporting that the bridge has now partly collapsed.

The manhole cover on Atwick Road. of a mile outside of the village, Cllr Mike Butler has managed to replace it in position.

Cllr Graham Staples reported that the hedge outside of Pasture House has been reported by a Police officer.

Graham has also reported the state of the road edges on Catfoss road, after damage to one of his own tyres.

Cllr Brenda Aylott reported that nothing has been done with the passing places on Atwick Road.

The proposed Road Closure of Atwick Road was discussed, Yorkshire Water are installing a Sewage Pipe from Lakeview Holiday Park. Cllr Ed Neilson is in touch with the contractors and will try to find more details

Ward Councillors Report: No one present.

Clerk’s fees: An agreement was made to increase the Clerk’s fees by £25.00/month.

Police Report: No one present.

Planning: 23/01410/PLF Erection of an additional egg store.

Location: Egg Grading And Packing Operations Manor Farm Catfoss Road Bewholme East Yorkshire.

Applicant: Mr Elliott.

Application Type: Full Planning Permission.

Cllr Phil Elliott gave an account of what the new building is to be used for.

Phil left the meeting whilst the Councillors discussed the application.

No objections were raised and voted to approve.

The comments include adequate drainage for the building and working times.

Parish Website: Cllr Staples reported that the website is up to date. although some details have been deleted, by mistake, Graham asked if groups in the Village would submit dates for coffee mornings and other events in the village.

Playing Field: 3 members of the Bewholme Recreation Association were present.

Andy Rhodes gave a detailed account of the problems that they are facing in running and maintaining the playing field. For 3 people the workload is quite extreme, and this cannot continue. Andy has put in 8 years of service as Chairman of the Association. Attempts to recruit people onto the committee have not worked and the Committee now seek an end date to their involvement.

The deeds of the trust specify 8 members, and because the turnover is less than £5,000.00 it does not have to register with the Charity Commission.

£1,000.00/year is needed to run the field, with the Parish Council contributing grass cutting in addition to this Cost. A substantial amount of money in the bank account will see future costs for a good while.

The Councillors thanked the Bewholme Recreation Association for all that they have done.

Cllr Graham Staples suggested that a public meeting is needed, to find out the interest in the village.

Graham closed the meeting at 8.33 pm so that the parishioners present could discuss the issues.

The meeting opened at 8.50 pm with an agreement to organise a meeting.

Bewholme PC 13-6-2023/JF

The meeting date was set for Tuesday the 18th July 2023 at 7.30 pm in the church if it is available. Cllr Lisa Bettison to contact Pat Trender to see if the date is available.


The Bewholme sign on Atwick Road has been replaced.

Cllr Ed Nielson reported the need for more volunteers for Speedwatch, he will be organising further training sessions, it is important to get as many people as possible.

Finance: Accounts paid since the last meeting Pest Control pond £290.09, Postage £6.00, Bedding plants

£10.50 this was agreed upon.

Neighbourhood Watch: Nothing. Cllr Graham Staples reported very little activity.

Correspondence: A letter from RWE informing of the consultation period for the Dogger Bank Windfarm.

Resignation letter from Cllr Angus Turnbull, with immediate effect 13-6-2023.

A Letter from Mrs Duke regarding the playing field.

A letter from ERYC inviting Councillors to a seminar for forward planning.

Any Other Business: Cllr Mike Butler reported that litter picking on the grass verges around the village could now be carried out as the grass has been cut back. Cllr Graham staples suggested that individual Councillors organise litter picking on their own roads.

Cllr Brenda Aylott enquired about having monthly Parish Council Meetings, it was explained that the bimonthly meetings are coordinated with other Councils so that the Ward Councillors can attend. The Chairman has the right to call a special meeting in extreme circumstances.

It was agreed to hold off renewing the Rat Contract for the pond area for 3 months, no feedback has been received from Ronnie Keight.

Cllr Phil Elliott reported that the ERYC Planning Portal keeps buffering and crashing. Jim Froud to report.

Jim Froud requested that the October meeting be held a week early on the 3rd October 2023, this was agreed.

Parishioners’ Questions: The Laurel Hedge at Little Arram on Bewholme Lane is encroaching onto the road at the corner, this falls into Seaton Parish.

A report of water seeping upwards in Far Lane was reported, Yorkshire Water are sending an engineer out to survey the problem.

A question was asked about the cobbles in Far Lane, no update has been received, although Terry Weaver had previously said that he is applying for special funding, as this type of work is not allowed for in his budget.

Date of next meeting: Tuesday the 8th of August 2023.

The meeting closed at 9.15 pm.

Signed as a true and correct record of what took place. 1


Bewholme PC 13-6-2023/JF