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Hello, world!

To contact the Parish Council regarding any issues please contact the Clerk in writing.

Anyone Interested all welcome, we have the go-ahead to start a community speed watch.

Wheelie Bins
It has been brought to the
attention of the Parish council
that a number of wheelie bins
are being left out on the
Your bin should be put out on the morning of collection by
7.00 AM.
If you cannot put your bin out on the morning of collection,
you may put it out the night before.
Wheelie bins left out cause a nuisance to other people and
are an eyesore.
Take pride in your village and strive to keep it tidy.
Obstruction of the pavement is an offence, as written in the
Road Traffic Act, your bin is your responsibility.
Please help us to maintain the street scene, and only leave
your bins out for collection.
Thank you in anticipation,
Bewholme Parish Council.

We have received an alert from Humberside Police stating that fraudsters are impersonating police officers, claiming to be from Grimsby Police Station. 

They have contacted elderly people in an attempt to steal money from them. The fraudsters are suggesting that bank accounts have been compromised or that the victim has been given fake bank notes. One fraudster told the victim to call 101 whilst they were still on the phone to confirm who they are. 

We have created a graphic to raise awareness of this trend. Please could I ask that you share this with your networks as it could happen anywhere within the force area. 

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me.

Devan Witter BEM, AMInstLM, ALPI, ACIPR

BOOST Training & FraudWatch Project Co-ordinator 

Bridlington Community Hub Centre Co-ordinator